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Even as a descendant of a long line of witches, Fawn is special: in addition to being able to communicate with the dead on the Other Side, she can get flashes of the future. Her unusual gifts are the product of being the eldest daughter in the 7th Generation of her family. Like they say, “7 is a magic number.” When these special abilities trigger a bet between God and the Devil, Fawn’s world is turned upside down, starting when an angel named Caleb arrives.

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Sequel to The Belgrave Daughter and 2nd in the Belgrave Legacy trilogy. Fawn and Caleb’s relationship is tested once again when a new evil threatens to kill the Belgrave family.

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A modern retelling of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”: Alice King is sent to the Damon Academy for the Gifted, a correctional boarding school, where she encounters other troubled teens. Among them is Mina and the infamous acid-addict Hatter. Once Alice enters Wonderland, she goes on a journey, leading her to a terrifying revelation.

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EVE KNOWLAND IS DEAD Eve Knowland and Lisa Fisher are best friends; they’ve been best friends since they were two. When they both die in a car crash going to their high school graduation party, they are trapped in Limbo and confronted with an ultimatum: one of them will go to Heaven and the other to Hell. It’s their job to convince the Placement Panel the other belongs in Hell. But can these best friends betray each other? Even in death, don’t the rules of friendship still apply?

ON HOLD (Indefinitely)

2 Responses to “Zara’s Books”
  1. J.A. Ward says:

    You have a lot of completed work! I am especially interested in the Eve Knowland is Dead – very unique and interesting concept!

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