What Makes a Novel Unforgettable?

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I fell in love with a character.  And, no, he wasn’t some handsome rouge in the latest romance, but he was original and well-developed.  He was the main character in a novel that, in itself, was not a completely unique book (although is quite good).  This character, however, drives the plot in a really subtle and interesting way.

He struggles, constantly, with the responsibilities in his life, but also with an inner battle.  Something in his genetics makes him unpredictable and easy to anger, but he hates this fact and tries to remain in control.

This inner-battle is so well-developed, but in such a subtle way, that I was able to forgive things in his character that I never thought possible.  For example, when he is angered, he actually kills innocent people, people he cares for.  Normally, I couldn’t imagine a character that could commit such an act and still…

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One Response to “What Makes a Novel Unforgettable?”
  1. slepsnor says:

    As an author who focuses more on characters than the overall plot, I really enjoy it when somebody tells me they like one of my characters. I think I enjoy it more than if someone told me they liked the story or the overall book. It’s almost like somebody is complimenting my children.

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